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Meeting House & Gathering Centers

Robert “Lee” Moates Meeting House – A rustic barn was added to the Diamond Hill property in the early 1960s. This building has been converted into a meeting house or gathering center and is now named the Robert “Lee” Moates Meeting House due to Mr. Moates’ philanthropic activities in the community.

The Meeting House has an eclectic collection of antique tables and chairs for meetings and other functions and can seat 100 to 150 guests comfortably. A brick patio leads to the entranceway.  The interior walls are decorated with old agricultural and carpentry tools and cartwheel chandeliers shine across the roof beams, showcasing the old South look of the meeting house.

The meeting house is ideal for a sit-down luncheon or dinner.  It is the perfect location for an intimate wedding reception and can also serve as a dancehall for small parties.  Both sides of the meeting house have walkways leading to the picnic area.

photo1 (1) (1024x766)Grace’s Garden
– Named after the wife of Mr. Moates, the garden includes both scenic and functional areas. Over fifty varieties of plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees of various sizes surround the garden.

Gazebo by the Pond – The dainty gazebo serves as the focal point of Grace Garden.  The brick path outlined by English boxwoods is a perfect aisle for a beautiful bride to march toward her lifetime partner.  The gazebo’s surrounding area can accommodate up to 150 chairs comfortably.
photo3 (1024x830)A mesmerizing pond where water hyacinths and lilies swing playfully alongside goldfish and colorful Koi sets the backdrop for the gazebo.

IMG_1607 (1024x683)Patio with Tree Canopy – The elevated circular patio boasts a unique fireplace surrounded by Italian benches. Wrought iron benches and round picnic tables adorn the patio area.  Lime hydrangeas, pine trees, and attractive arborvitaes enhance the picnic area, which can accommodate bigger gatherings of guests on wooden picnic benches stretched across the grounds. A large tree shades the patio, creating a private stage with a natural roof.  Food can be served in a rustic, outdoor, covered area.

IMG_1609 (1024x841)Trellised Grape Vines – Vines from five grape species serve as a roof in this relaxing, meditative sitting area that is enhanced by the view of the nearby pond .  A white Victorian loveseat is positioned underneath the trellis for weddings or private ceremonies.  Up to100 guests can easily be seated around this area.

Smoke House Courtyard – The Smoke House Courtyard is an outstanding place for social small gatherings.  The back porch is the perfect place for local artists and musicians to showcase their talents.  A future pub will be added to this location, with the smoke house serving as the bar.

The home’s back porch faces the smoke house and has a swing where guests can sit and absorb the natural beauty around Diamond Hill.


Greek Revival Entryway – Diamond Hill’s elegant high ceilinged entryway sets the scene for smaller group meetings in the manor.

The original living room next to the entryway provides intimate (reservation only) dining.  This area can also accommodate slightly larger gatherings for stand-up social events.

Front Porch and Swing – Southern-style wicker seating invites guests to put your feet up and unwind.  Enjoy a favorite book or watch the small town traffic from the porch or the tree swing in the front yard.

Hammocks – Lounge in one of the two soft hammocks sharing the front yard with a Civil War cannon. Relax to the chirping melodies of the birds above or just watch red robins bathe in the birdbath by the weeping pine tree.

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