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Breakfast Menu

Diamond Hill Lodging
(Bed & Breakfast Style)

Breakfast Menu

Pick one from the following choices:
(A $3.95 charge will accompany any substituted item)

1. Continental Breakfast
A choice of: Whole Wheat, Plain bread, Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel, -OR- two kinds of pastries
with cream cheese or butter
and a choice of scrambled egg (with or without cheese) -OR- a boiled egg.

2. Toasted Bread (whole wheat or plain) with homemade jelly -OR- jam,
Egg omelet with cheese and a choice of bacon, -OR- country ham -OR- veggies
(Spring onions, mushrooms, and/or  green pepper)

3. A slice of homemade banana bread,
Boiled egg -OR- scrambled egg with cheese

4. Multi Grain Cereal with milk -OR- yogurt
Raisins -OR- almond slivers
Whole milk -OR- 2% milk -OR- fat free milk
Two boiled eggs

5. Old Fashioned Oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon powder and farm produced honey
Whole milk -OR- 2% milk -OR- fat free milk
Two boiled eggs

6. Filipino Style Breakfast
A choice of: a Beef tapa, -OR- Asian pork sausage, -OR- Fried dried fish
Plain rice -OR- garlic fried rice
Scrambled Eggs with chives -OR- plain Scrambled Eggs

7. Pancakes
A choice of: Italian sausage, -OR- Bacon, -OR- Scrambled eggs

Included with each meal:
Tray of Fruit (cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi and grapes, or other seasonal fruit)
Glass of Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice
(Included with each meal)

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate
(Limitless refill)

Updated 4/26/16